10 of Our Favorite Natural Products for the Home


The switch to all natural products and items around the home can seem daunting. Over the past couple years I’ve been weeding out products chalked full of chemicals and items most commonly made with plastics throughout my home. While striving to make new changes in our home, I believe its important to be good stewards of the items we are already using in order to use them to their full intended use and not just chucking them 3 months into their life because someone told us we should only be using bamboo. I’m the type of personality to want to swap everything all at once, so this has been a patience game ;)

I’ve compiled a group of products that I love to make the switch easier when that time comes - not to mention all of these products are so visually pleasing and have felt like a breath of fresh air in my home! Enjoy!

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My mom has had a compost pile out behind the barn at my childhood home since I can remember. She’s an avid gardener so this was a no brainer for her to be able to have nutrient rich compost on hand for vegetable gardens and flower beds alike. While I don’t have vast garden beds, I’ve found that when I am able to visualize the waste I’m creating, it helps me be more conscious of what parts of fruits and veggies I just get lazy with and toss. If you’re more of a casual plant mom/dad and dabble in the world of house plants, you may be asking yourself what you’d really be able to do with a composter. Look up if there is a community garden in your neighborhood or area! They will usually have compost piles for plant matter around the garden and you may be able to contribute your nutrient rich gold to their use.

This composter by Bamboozle is made from biodegradable, dishwasher safe bamboo fibers. I love the sleek modern look, cute enough for your countertop. They also have a Guide to Composting on their website to get you started!


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The next item I love is this Organic Cotton Coffee Filter by Coffee Sock Co, available on Etsy. I love how something so simple and seemingly “compostable” as a paper coffee filter has a reusable alternative. Less consumption = less production = saving trees = happier earth. Simple as that! The cotton alternative is even said to preserve the flavors of the coffee better than paper and metal filters - win, win.


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Next up we have a Linen Bread Bag by Magic Linen, also available on Etsy. Its an easy and sustainable solution to keeping your bread and other baked goods fresh for much longer than a metal bread bin or plastic bag. The bags are made from natural linen, making them breathable and moisture-wicking - meaning they move moisture around faster and don't let your bread go stale.


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I remember as a kid getting to the end of the school year and my soft vinyl/plastic lunchbox had seen better days and definitely had better smelling days as well. I love these Waxed Cotton Lunch Bags by WAAM Industries out of Minneapolis, MN. They are such a great alternative to the cheap, only-good-for-ten-months, vinyl zip bags. Each tote is made of a durable cotton canvas and waxed with their beeswax blend, each handmade and sourced in the US. They are easy to clean and don’t hold on to odors - making them a breeze for mom.


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I have a German Shepherd pup named Charlie, so boy do I know HAIR. I love these Natural Rubber Lint Brushes by Burstenhaus Redecker out of Germany. (Side note - Why do the Germans seem to do everything the best way possible?) I used to buy the lint rollers with the sticky sheets, you know the kind I’m talking about - the ones that take like 50 sheets just to clean one pair of black leggings? Yes, that kind. Goodbye days of waste! This handmade, natural rubber lint brush removes hair, lint, and dust easily from clothing and upholstery through static electricity. Science! To clean the debris out of the brush, simply brush with fingers over the waste can. Ta-da.


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Gone are the days of dish soap bottles - hello Block Dish Soap. Take a look at a dish soap bottle sometime and you’ll see that a majority of what makes up that slippery concoction is water, cut the water out and you are left with chemicals and solvents, no bueño. These blocks of soap are a simple spin on the traditional Savon De Marseille soaps, which are substantial chunks of soap intended to be left on the counter and rubbed with a dish brush or sponge to pick up soap. By law, the Savon de Marseille has to be made of at least 72% olive oil, so that's what this block soap is composed of, with the balance made up of coconut oil. Sounds almost good enough to eat!


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So I may use one of these Cotton Net Grocery Bags as a purse (no shame) because they are that cute! Originally made for fisherman, these net bags have been used in French markets for decades. The open weave creates a sturdy, flexible, lightweight bag perfect for a day at the farmer's market, beach or travel. One bag stretches to hold as much as a standard grocery bag. Buh-bye single use plastic!


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So I’m going to assume that you are a good human and use bar soap (read: didn’t you learn you lesson with the dish soap above?) and not liquid. But what are you supposed to do when all those bars slim down to little slivers and slip all over? Enter: the Soap Saver. This little pouch, made out of natural sisal fibers, helps you use up every last scrap of soap. Also helps produce an extra creamy, rich lather to exfoliate your body from head to toes.


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If you’re going to do household chores, at least look good while doing them. This handsome Hand Brush and Dust Pan by Burstenhaus Redecker is made from ethically source horsehair, oiled beechwood and stainless steal. This set magnetically snaps together for easy storage. To clean, simply rinse with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution, towel blot to remove excess moisture, and hang dry at room temperature; comb with a metal comb then hang or lay flat to store.


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Last, but not least, the Wooden Toilet Brush and Stand. The wood toilet brush is made of oiled beechwood with strong tampico fiber bristles. The matching wood stand is also made of beechwood with an open construction for quick drying the brush. The stand comes with a small terracotta dish for catching water and can be removed and cleaned with warm water and soap. The brush can be composted at the end of life. Just because it does a dirty job, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Melissa Berry