Succulent TLC


First things first. Before you bring your plant babies home, you will want to scope out a place for them. Sufficient light is key - though too much direct sun may cause your succulent to get sunburned leaves. If you plan to plant your babes outside, put them somewhere they will receive some shade and stay relatively cool. Morning light is good with a bright shade in the afternoon. Succulents that are kept inside ideally need 6 hours of indirect, bright sunlight.

When potting your plants, you want to consider their container. Something similar in size to what they came home from the greenhouse in is best - too much dirt may cause your plant to root rot. Additionally, a drainage hole is important for soil health. The next step is finding the right soil. Most succulents like their soil to be throughly soaked then dried out between waterings. So mixing regular soil with something more porous will allow your soil to breath a little better. 


Many people think that succulents do best without water, but they've gotta have something to live! Watering is key when taking good care of those succulent babies. While over-watering can drown them, its important to read your plant to find the right watering schedule for them. A tip on reading your plant is to notice the leaf thickness. The thicker the leaves, the less water they will need in a single watering. Many plants will let you know when they are thirsty and droop their leaves. Again, make sure to let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Succulents are hearty plants when taken care of. They liked to be soaked and not spritz, so put the spray bottle to the side! 

Like any good parent, love and attentiveness is the formula for strong, healthy plant babies. Don't be afraid to sit and talk to them once and a while :) 



Melissa Berry