8 Fixtures That Light Up Our World


As creatives, we can find inspiration in just about anything - it’s how our brains are wired. But throw a big shiny chandelier in front of us and the inspo juices will really start flowing. I love how the gold disc fixture below adds so much to this stairwell. It fills the space and completes the room. The following are lighting fixtures that have sparked something fierce in our right-brains.



When it comes to lighting around here at Root’d, we’re usually on the same page that the cooler and more unusual, the better. I love the look of these fish pendants against the baroque stylization of the interiors below. They play into the Scandinavian feel of the furnishings while adding an eye-catching modernization to the room.



Color - do it, and do lots of it. I’m crushing so hard over these color-pop sconces and pendants. Can you imagine tying the soft green of the sconces in to some pillows or an accent chair? It instantly makes the design more complex and engaging to the eye. The geometric shapes also play into the unusualness of the fixture, only doubling the interest.



How fun is this web of ceramic pendants! This is the kind of library I thought only existed in my dreams. Lighting can sometimes be pushed aside while designing, but this is the perfect example of how important it can be to the competition of a space. Can you picture this room without the stringing pendants? Still cool, but kind of bland, right? Add the pendants back in and it totally transforms the space. Your eyes are drawn upward to the beautiful beams and the colors are integrated and connected throughout the room.


Stoneware - more like droolware. Anything that has an artisan touch is a friend of mine. I love the organic shape of these sconces, adding an unmatched softness and authenticity to any space. The wood and brass accents are total bonus points!


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Melissa Berry