Deck the Halls - the Root'd Decorating Guide for Holiday 2018!

Does anyone else feel like every September 1st you blink and its instantly a week into November? Moving into fall, I always tell myself I’ll be on top of organizing and minimizing in order to gear up for the holiday season. Then the days start getting shorter and the fall foliage is too pretty to stay inside; so it seems as if seasons collide and late summer chores are pushed off into the start of holiday planning. I’m here to alleviate part of that with the Root’d Holiday Decor Guide for 2018! We’ve studied up to bring together what we think will be popular trends for this next holiday season.

Neutral Decor

We continue to see neutral palettes as a trend in home decor, so it’s a no brainer that it would translate into the holiday months. With all the chaos that can come with the busyness of the season, it’s refreshing and calming to have a simplistic holiday color palette for your home. The use of layered whites and natural materials help to bring in a sense of comfort and minimalism to any space.


Root’d Top Picks for Layering Whites Pillows!

Gift with Greenery

I mean, how pretty is this wrapping! With a simple $3 bunch of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s, kraft paper or card-stock tags and a string of cotton twine, you can transform your gifting into something special. Even evergreen trimmings from the bottom few branches of your tree can be used to make your wrapping the one everyone is commenting on.


Au Naturel

When it comes down to it - going with natural elements will always come across as more refined and put together. Using natural elements and piecing together something really pretty may take some extra creative juices, but once they start flowing you just might not be able to stop! I love the look of these wood cut chargers. If you aren’t handy in the power tool - chainsaw department, Michael’s sells pre-cut rounds that have the same effect. The natural wood elements paired with the classy flatware, dinnerware and votives speak volumes! CLASS.


Knit Tree Skirt

This isn't so much a design element, but something I saw and loved! With oversized chunky knit blankets, like Sarah Lou Co, still at the height of the trend; I am head over heels for this chunky knit tree skirt! I did a quick search on Etsy for makers and this one seemed the closest to the photo below.


Our Anthro Top Coveted Picks

It’s obvious that Anthropologie’s holiday 2018 release is the most awaited day of fall. Here are some of our top picks!


Photo sources: Pinterest, Anthropologie

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