Drool Worthy Doors

The front door is such an important structure in our lives. It’s the first thing we encounter when stepping foot into a home. It’s what we return to each day, where our kiddos and four legged friends greet us. It’s what we bring our joy, grief, and dreams through each day. It’s the first thing a guest encounters upon arriving. Your front door says a lot about the perceived value of your home, so to say they are important is kind of an understatement.

Here are some drool-worthy doors and entryways we are loving right now.

We’re always a big fan of a pop of color here at Root’d! It adds interest in an eye-catching way that can be swapped out for a different color as your heart desires.


There’s definitely something to be said about curb appeal when talking about front doors and entry ways. The house must balance the door, and the door to the house. I love how the chimney of the first one fits and accents the door so well. And the arched brick in the second is so dreamy!


Big and bold and with lots of natural light - how most things in life should be. Talk about drool-worthy, these French doors are amazing. I love the length of the window panes and how much light floods through them into the home.


Modern funk - gotta love it. The clean lines and metal panes incorporated in these designs are top notch.


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Melissa Berry