First Impressions, First

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The entry way of a house is the entrance into the heart and soul of a home. It’s where are shoes and coats are left as we enter in to embrace loved ones, after a hard day at work, and when we welcome new additions into our family. Similarly to our past post about “Drool Worthy Doors”, where we talked about the impression that front doors have on guests in our home and curb appeal — the entryway tags along very similarly. In this post we’ll be talking about how different styles can speak volumes over our house and a whole.

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These two inspiration photos are very similar in the initial style they give off but as you look closer, they actually give off quite different vibes. I think the lighting plays the biggest role in the juxtaposition between these two spaces. The first photo has more of an organic feel, while the second space has more refined, clean lines throughout. These two spaces go to show that you don’t have to follow one particular style to get the feeling of dark and moody. I love that they have different personalities but give off the same aurora.

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Personally, this style SPEAKS to me. I’m all about the organic textures, greens and clean feel. To me, it feels like I could step through that front door and feel right at home. Lets’s take a look at how these spaces have the same tongue but speak different languages.


These two spaces seem almost identical in features to the untrained eye. It’s almost as if you could blur your eyes and you’d think you were looking at the same photo with the two spaces above. But focus your vision a little bit and you can see that these two entries have very different feels. The first space is more organic and rustic, while the second is very cleaned and refined. I love how this goes to show that personality truly gives heart to a design.

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This look look screams comfortable — what a way to welcome someone into your home! I love the mixed materials throughout: leather, wood, metal, cotton, rattan, etc.


What I like most about this look is how versatile it is! I mean c’mon — switch out the art and pillows and you have a whole new look. PERFECTO.

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Melissa Berry