Home Office Styling


If you are reading this and have a job, there’s a good chance you work from home or have the option to. More than 39 Million employees in the US worked from home in 2018 - that’s a lot of brains fighting the distraction of longing eyes of the family dog, kiddos fighting for your attention and maybe even the occasional nap. That’s where the ever coveted home office comes into play. If you’re lucky enough to have an extra bedroom or deemed work space, here are some tips for making your WFH (work from home) situation the pod of maximum efficiency and concentration.


I’ve said it 5 million times and I’ll say it yet again - greens. I mean it’s kind of a no brainer that these oxygen pumping machines might be a good idea to have in your working quarters. They are visually calming and add a feeling of comfort and easiness to any space. Studies have shown that just looking at plants can lower your blood pressure and anxiety - so, in return, lower stress = more productivity and higher concentration.


Organization is king. Making sure that all your things have their place in your home office is highly important. Whether it’s shelving, a closet, or drawers - take time to find the way that speaks best to you, and then #KonMari the heck out of it.


Make space for an alternative nook! I often get restless sitting in a chair for +8 hours a day. I love having a little window seat or bench to have as an additional spot to sit and work. Even if its just for 30 mins, I notice such a difference in my productivity with this small change in scenery.


Add a mood board! Whether you are in a creative field or not, displaying images of things that inspire you are so helpful when you are stuck in that rut. The more texture the better - I‘m especially loving this cork wall.


Make the space your own! No one wants to work in a place that feels uncomfortable. Items that are familiar to you will amp up the comfort levels. Gather up items from a vacation you took to France last summer, frames of friends and family, and some of your favorite novels - display them on a set of shelves. Just a glance at something that brings you joy in memories will keep up your motivation throughout the day. I love the look of bringing in a throw blanket to drape on the back of your office chair. Texture and the sense of feeling can speak volumes in the comfort department, give it a try!


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Melissa Berry