Lower Woodside Ave. - A Forgotten Space, Renewed

A lot of what we do here at Root’d is taking forgotten spaces and making them current, refreshed and useful - our Lower Woodside Ave. Project is just that! This ski condo was a thought of decades past. It was purchased by the client furnished as is but stuck in the era of rustic western decor. We updated all areas of the home, making them fresh and timeless for years to come.


Since the space is mainly used seasonally by the client and their family, we wanted to keep up the ski vibes when bringing in new furnishings and decor. The upper level is accessed by a fun spiral staircase, featuring three twin beds. I love the unconventional play on plaid with the plum tones used in the bedding.


We brought in cooler tones in the bedding for the two additional guest bedrooms. They offer a calm atmosphere and a neutral, spa-like effect on the space.


We modernized the living space by brining in a metal clad wall behind the TV. While this feature may seem simple, I love how it compliments the space in a way that it feels as if it was always there.


The master bedroom is BOLD and that’s what is so great about it. Its unexpected and fresh. Its renewed and peaceful. The use of wallcovering on the accent wall adds a level of playfulness to this seasonal space.


Check out the full project in our Portfolio!

Photos by Daniel Steiner.

Melissa BerryComment