Out with the Old - 4 Design Trends That We're Kind of "Meh" About


One of our most strived for accomplishments in design at Root’d is creating a truly timeless space, but because of the ever flowing design scene, change is inevitable. One day people are painting everything they own white, and the next they are swapping every fixture in their home to rose gold. In this post, we’ve listed a few decor trends that we are kind of “meh” about and their more design-edgy counterparts for you to stay ahead of the trend.


Meh: Color Accent Wall

Love: Textured Accent Wall

While accent walls are easy to paint and add quick interest to a room, we are loving the introduction of textured 3D walls! They are able to give a space so much more depth and interest in a design sense than just a flat wall. Try mimicking the above look with wooden slats or plaster a wall with some funky medium to add contrast.


Meh: All White Everything

Love: Subtle Contrast

It seems as if the design world was completely whitewashed over the past few years. While this bright and clean trend was welcomed after a decade of stuffy beiges, it looks like a little peak of contrast is making a comeback. I love this look of the color-block hallway, it adds a level of interest and engages the eye.


Meh: Waterfall Slabs

Love: Colored Tile

Falling in line with the “All White Everything”, waterfall slabs are a close cousin. While the introduction of this design element was refreshing in its time, I have a feeling it will fall fast on the totem pole of trends. In the “love” sector, I’m digging the look of this color tiled oversized island. It has a fun and contemporary feel while keeping clean-line stylization.


Meh: Large Patterned Tile

Love: Mixed Materials

Large patterned tiles got us out of our comfort zone and into a bold contrasting love frenzy. It gave our powder rooms love and made our laundry rooms more fun, and for all this we are so very thankful. It was a trend that was in high demand, making it a high powered trend, but all good things must come to an end. Not completely though - I love the look of this boldly patterned floor using onyx and marble tiles. It gives the same kind of interest but a more timeless feel because of the natural materials.

Photo sources: Pinterest, Instagram

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