Stag Lodge - Crushing on Craftsman Made


The client for our Stag Lodge Project resides full-time in Minneapolis, MN. When initially chatting with them about the vision and needs for their Deer Valley retreat, they wanted the space to reflect classic Park City style while adding a side of fun Scandinavian design and sophistication to the condo. The clients were keen on having solid craftsmen pieces made for the space; with consultation from our designers here at Root’d, we worked with Nikos Sawyer of Sawyer Woodworks in Salt Lake City, UT to help their ideas come to life. Solid heirloom pieces are fleeting in today’s design world, yet Nikos helps breathe life into the local industry. As one can see in the dining table below, these pieces were no small task. The client wanted to be able to maximize the number they were able to accommodate so large was the name of the game. The dining benches were made from a live edge with brass dovetail accents at the joints. The dining table also has live edge accents on the inner edges where the glass runs through the piece and a coordinating brass base.

The following entry chest is one of my all time favorite works of Sawyer Woodworks! Created to replicate the look of charred firewood, the detail and craftsmanship in this piece is impeccable. I love how it is refined, yet organic all in one look.

The beds and bunkbeds throughout the condo are another personal favorite. The sleekness of the master headboard and platform frame is applause-worthy. Again, per the client’s request to maximize the ability to accommodate a large number of people, a single trundle bed was added to the end of the master bed platform. Bunks were also added to the girl’s rooms in a stylish, yet ultra functional and convenient way.


Photos by Daniel Steiner.

Melissa BerryComment