The Kitchen Cabinet Review

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The kitchen has out bid the living room as the natural gathering space within a home. The kitchen seems to have gotten the badge as the main artery of the home and sets the pulse for the modern family. Today we’re chatting about trends in kitchen cabinets — read along to see what we’ve given our nod of approval to.



We are loving that flat panels have taken root in the design world. Even though they are more simple, the cabinets are still an important part of the design but give way for more eye catching and interesting components, like the metallic backsplash, to really take center stage. I also really like the center cut-out pulls for this design in particular — fun and unpredictable!




I love a good white kitchen as much as the next person — but can we promise each other to find ways to spice them up? Okay, good. I love this flat panel design coupled with the clean-line pulls. I like how they don’t distract from the design and play into the monochromatic stylization of the space.



Are you a fan of the pop-of-color cabinets? We are split on this. When I see rich green cabinet doors in a space I’m like, “YES, so good” — but when I see black cabinets like the ones below I’m also like, “100%.” I feel that the colored cabinet trend is here to stay for a while longer. And why not? It’s relatively easy to change the color if you get bored or restyle over the years. I give it a thumbs up.



When I say ‘MODG‘, you say ‘ULAR‘!

I’m crushing way too hard over this look. I think it’s so fun and creative. It takes an area that can be so predictable and turns it on end. The color combinations for the drawers and cabinets are endless! Do I think its as timeless as some other styles may be? Nah, but if you are looking for something to add the element of contrast within a space I think this design style could fit right in.

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Melissa Berry