The Unconventional Kitchen


The kitchen as been noted as the “heartbeat” of the modern home. It’s where most of the action happens. Meals are shared more commonly here than a dining room and it’s where everyone meets admits the chaos of their day. At Root’d we are always looking for ways to do things differently and open up some new realms of thinking outside the box. Here are some unconventional kitchen designs and concepts that we are loving. We hope they inspire you to branch out and delve into the unconventional!



Say so long to the kitchen island - the designs below show a space highly focused on the meeting and gathering of people within the room. I love how they allow for a more formal dining setting right smack in the middle of the kitchen. It seems to ground the space like the eye of a storm. Creating a sense of order in a working and highly functional area.



Europeans seem to have this term of “unconventional kitchen” down pat. Maybe its their seemingly minimalistic take on “space”, but I really like how this kitchen is unobtrusive to the space as a whole. It isn’t its own room or a grand area - just the basics, fit into where there is space. I like the minimalistic take on the storage as well - as if it says, “this is what we have and this is all we need.”



This next space isn’t so much unconventional in its spatiality, but its color rather! I love the dark slate coloring of the walls and lower cabinets - it screams moody, which is a good thing. All the elements, while being all so different, really play off of each other. The sleek mirrored tile, juxtaposing the classic crown molding, against the modern floor tiles - it all comes together to form a personality for the space, and I think that’s pretty special.


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Melissa Berry