Transitioning Your Home into Fall - A How-To Guide


The summer whizzes by and you’re left with water-logged, sun-soaked memories of days in the sun and heat with the ones you love. The temperatures start to drop and I feel almost relieved when I can dig my favorite sweater from the back of my closet and wrap up. It’s something about the goodness of summer that makes fall that much more sweeter. Each cardigan, beanie and scarf like an old friend we haven’t seen in a while.

While most of us would love to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe each season, our bank accounts don’t share the same enthusiasm. This theory applies to our homes too. I feel like designer Nate Berkus says it best when he states, “For me, it’s very much the same philosophy (as fashion): You don’t ditch your favorite khakis and jeans or even your favorite white tee when fall or winter comes around, but you do have the opportunity to layer. Fall is by far my favorite season, only because you get to wear the hat, you get to wear a cardigan, and you get to wear your favorite cashmere crewneck, and I think the home is kind of the same way.”

Follow along to read our how-to tips for transitioning your home from summer to fall!




If there’s one style rule that never fails in fall, it’s layering your textiles. Just like you would throw on that fall trench coat or chunky sweater, layer up your home! If you’re starting with a neutral base, the transition will be a breeze. Drape a throw on the back of a wing back chair to add an area of interest, it will make the space instantly more cozy, promise. When layering your pieces, don’t stress too much about making them match as long as they’re similar tones. Anything in the camel/taupe/green/rust/mustard family is a go!




Embrace the evenings getting darker earlier and the moody weather that comes with fall. Allow yourself to appreciate the coziness that comes with the season - light candles after dinner, get in the habit of turning on table and floor lamps around 4:30 or right when you get home from work to ward off the sad “Why did the sun go down already?” thoughts.




Just because summer’s flowers have faded doesn’t mean that your favorite vase has to go into hibernation! Taking clippings of dried flowers, seed pods and seasonal greens from your yard is one of the best ways to (physically) bring autumn indoors. I love the softness of dried pampas reeds, they can bring such a simple warmness into a space.


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Melissa Berry