Trends in Outdoor Living

Plants and outdoor spaces go hand in hand, and we’re glad they do! Greens easily and effortlessly bring in a natural element to a space - helping to ground and balance any design.

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We're smitten over the basket trend that you're seeing everywhere. The elements of natural seagrass baskets only add to a serene space, in neutrality and style points.


The ultimate goal of outdoor living spaces is to bring the inside, out. We love large doors that foster the flow and continuity of living between the two spaces.

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Ratan and wicker are most commonly the materials used for outdoor furniture because of their ability to withstand the elements. We still see a lot of this used throughout outdoor furniture designs, with the mixture of a few new elements. White oak and teak have become popular for their durability and sleek look. They are often paired with neutral upholstery or rope - also lending itself to a more natural aesthetic and modern feel.

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Outdoor furniture design has become more creative than your typical set of chairs and lounge. We are seeing lots of hanging bed elements, using mixed materials of wood, metal chain and upholstery.

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Image sources: Pinterest
Melissa Berry