Unexpected Applications

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One of our biggest hopes when having conversations with clients is to expand their view of design possibilities in order to push the creative boundaries a bit. In so many instances, it seems as if people don’t even think about the options for a space and are blinded by what '“the Jones’ did for their bathroom, so it must be what we have to do for ours,” type deal. In this post, I hope to broaden your horizons to see some unexpected applications to leave you saying WOW.


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Wall panels in leather, yes please! I love how refined this application makes the space feel. It feels regal and luxurious. We probably sound like a broken record by now, but it’s crazy how much a natural texture can add to a space, where something like just paint or a wall covering could fall short. I love the depth of interest the leather creates in its different tones and textures.


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Sure, we’ve seen metal used on backsplashes and on fireplace surrounds, but for the cabinetry itself? LOVE. In the inspiration photos below, I love how sleek and refined the metal makes the space feel. And talk about beautiful tones and textures — the finish on this brass is something I dream about. It gives the space an unexpected warmth while keeping the vibe fresh.


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This application of concrete isn’t as “unexpected” but still worth noting! Like I said earlier, we’re all about pushing the boundaries a tad. So if that means looking for a different material to cast a sink in rather that just ordering a white porcelain vessel, by all means do so! I love how such a rugged material can be made to look so polished and tasteful.


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I’m all about saving the best for last — so if you made it this far in the post, BRAVO! Did you look at this tile application below? So much yes! How awesome and unexpected. Tile that isn’t just the counter, isn’t just the backsplash, but all of it combined!



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Melissa Berry