What Goes Around, Comes Around


Move over rectangle, round is the new square. An unexpected curve in a design adds energy and interest to your design as well as a calming and relaxed feel to a space. Even in the feng shui concept of interior design, round shapes are important. Feng shui is about balancing five elements, one of which is metal. The metal element is expressed as a round shape in decor - they are believed to bring clarity, precision, freshness and equality into a room. Follow along in this post to see how we suggest to “think outside the box.”




The round window has been a feature of Classical architecture since the 16th century. They are often denoted by their French name, oeil de boeuf, or “bull’s eye. They are most commonly seen as portholes in ships for structural reasons, but I love the look of bringing them into the home! In our inspo photos below, I really like the interest the circular window adds to the space. It creates a focal point to the area, and its a good thing.




The ever-coveted round door instantly gives a home personality, where the rectangle may just fall short. Whether its a front door, master en-suite bath, or a pantry entrance the roundness compliments any design or style beautifully.




In recent years, the formal dining room has taken a hit and often times has gotten nixed from the list of priorities for the home. In a wave of trying to reclaim the dining area, we have clients that are looking to still keep an area to gather but in a functional, stylish yet more casual way. We’ve seen the round dining table come back in a new way to create a space where everyone seated at the table is truly connected and engaged. I love the way that the circle encourages these aspects on connectivity.


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