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Full Moon Ritual Celebration with Sugar Physic Healer

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Full Moon Ritual Celebration with Sugar Psychic Healer

March 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Please join Sugar Psychic Healer for a Full Moon Ritual Celebration!

At this event you will learn about the Energtic power of the full moon and the effects it has on you. Yes. You.

Sugar will first clear and balance your Chakras. Then take you through a cleansing guided meditation where you can connect to your intentions and goals. You will identify the blocks that are keeping you from achieving your hearts desire, and using the power of the Full Moon, clear any resistance that is keeping you ‘stuck’. You will be cleansed of negative energy using sacred palo santos and enjoy a special Full Moon tea created by a master herbalist.

Prepare to awaken to your higher self and the amazing cleansing power of the moon.

You will leave lighter, clearer, in a higher vibration with space for something new!

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Sage Bundle Workshop with Elements of Sage

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Sage Bundle Workshop by Elements of Sage

March 13th, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Spring Cleaning sage bundle 2 hour workshop.

We encourage you to invite the spirit of sage into your life. Burning sage regularly creates an energetic opening that allows fresh energy for the success and protection of future endeavors.

Elements of Sage will be here to teach you how to bundle sage along with other healing herbs for your own Spring Cleaning smudge ritual.

We will be learning about the cleansing and healing properties of sage, healing herbs and crystals. Together, we will be bundling two unique sage bundles. Each bundle includes, wild foraged sage, a variety of healing herbs & crystals to build your own custom sage bundle. We will also be learning about the sage burning ritual and how to incorporate this beautiful practice into your life.

Your personal energy affects all areas of your life, including your ability to manifest your dreams. Smudging is a beautiful way to realign the energy in your home, office, space and aura. The smudge ritual brings powerful vibrations from nature into your home and is deeply healing to all who live there.

Attendees will go home with 2 custom sage bundles, 2 crystals, an intention notebook and a printed healing properties & smudging directions info card.

Join Us & Happy Cleansing!

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