Full Moon Ritual Celebration with Sugar Psychic Healer

Full Moon Ritual Celebration with Sugar Psychic Healer


March 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Please join Sugar Psychic Healer for a Full Moon Ritual Celebration!

At this event you will learn about the Energtic power of the full moon and the effects it has on you. Yes. You.

Sugar will first clear and balance your Chakras. Then take you through a cleansing guided meditation where you can connect to your intentions and goals. You will identify the blocks that are keeping you from achieving your hearts desire, and using the power of the Full Moon, clear any resistance that is keeping you ‘stuck’. You will be cleansed of negative energy using sacred palo santos and enjoy a special Full Moon tea created by a master herbalist.

Prepare to awaken to your higher self and the amazing cleansing power of the moon.

You will leave lighter, clearer, in a higher vibration with space for something new!

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